A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The purge I discussed in ontological detail awhile back? Well, it came to fruition with the Epic Tag Sale. After an ignominious semi-rain out on Saturday and Sunday, Monday dawned beautifully and full of promise. It took me 2 ½ hours to get everything out and set up, but by nine I was (almost) ready… Continue reading A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The Moving Industry Scam

I’m not an investigative reporter. I am just one person with a story to tell. Here it is. I had never used a moving company before, until this past December. Labor intensive as self-moving is, there is something comforting about being in control. If anything breaks, well, I have only myself to blame. Last fall,… Continue reading The Moving Industry Scam

Grief, Love, and the Prayer Arrow

I ripped my life apart last year. Then I put it together so it looked very very different. Then I ripped it apart again. What does that feel like? Picture a surgical incision that goes from your breastbone to your pubic bone, and through every inch of muscle you’ve got. Now imagine that it heals…… Continue reading Grief, Love, and the Prayer Arrow

The Purge

25 years’ worth of stuff. No, I under-exaggerate. Over 50 years’ worth of stuff. Because I am still holding on to… way too much. A baby blanket used on newborn me. My first teddy bear, now creaky and rusty jointed and leaking his innards. Loose photos that never made it into an album or a… Continue reading The Purge

The Bed Lesson: Remember Who You Are

I have a new bed. Off to the bed store I went, driven by pain and blessed with an IRS check that had some flexibility within its digits. Going to Metro Mattress, New York State’s own bedding outlet, turned out to be an educational experience. (Most things in life are educational experiences of one kind… Continue reading The Bed Lesson: Remember Who You Are

The Voice Inside My Head

I got an email from myself yesterday. It was written from my iPhone in the middle of the night when apparently I woke up with an idea I did not want to forget. Here’s what I wrote (typos corrected): “Inner knowing. Big decisions. Hearing the voice. And trusting it. When you go too long ignoring… Continue reading The Voice Inside My Head

Define Family

Below is a piece from my archives. Something I wrote several years ago about a summer several years before that.  Summer 2000.  We’re on vacation in Chincoteague, VA.  Me, my husband, Dan, our two children, and Grandma (Dan’s mom and the best mother-in-law in the world).  Grandma is a given. We never vacate without her.… Continue reading Define Family

The Broken Pause Button

Negative space, I remember from high school art class, is the space between the stuff of this world. In a painting, the shapes between objects are created by negative space. I figure the world of sound has its own negative space—the quiet between the noise. The pause. Of course, there is rarely utter quiet. Unless… Continue reading The Broken Pause Button

Daughter into Mother

When my first child was born in early May of 1990, about a week before Mother’s Day, I had not thought a lot about that designated day-for-honoring-mothers for some years, due to the agonizing relationship I had with my schizophrenic mom. Since long before I’d married, my mother had often been absent entirely from my… Continue reading Daughter into Mother

In Honor of the Crone

Have you read about the grandmothers in India? The ones who were taught to build, install and repair solar lighting systems, and put together solar lanterns, water heaters and cookers? When a college got the idea to teach undergrads how to do the work in order to bring light to villages in India, the youngsters… Continue reading In Honor of the Crone