Responsibility Used to Be Fun

Small hands wave in the air. “Pick me, pick me!” they seem to say. They are attached to little humans whose faces bear expressions of anguish combined with hope combined with glee. They want to volunteer for the job. Whatever the job is—they want it. Little children in school long to lead the line of… Continue reading Responsibility Used to Be Fun

Dog Blog

Cats have always been my animal. Well, and horses. In some ways I’m a girly stereotype, at least as identified by my animal preferences. It’s not that I have not liked dogs. I’ve always enjoyed them, and even retained a strong attraction to German Shepherds despite the fact that I was attacked rather viciously by… Continue reading Dog Blog

The Flash

Flash of insight. Flashback. Hot flash. I sometimes wake up in the wee hours – well, that specific wee hour when no matter how cool the room in which I sleep, my body becomes suffused with warmth. I can feel the heat flowing down my arms and legs the way honey flows down the spout… Continue reading The Flash